Dr. Alyson Carr, LMHC




Had such a great time discussing test anxiety as a panelist on the ARE Live Podcast this week!

Check it out if you’re interested in learning a little more about test anxiety in relation to high stakes exams, and a few tips for how to manage test anxiety on the exam day. There is a recording of the Live presentation with slides available on YouTube as well as a Podcast version on iTunes..

“In this episode we sit down with one of our Black Spectacles ARE Prep Coaches and a psychology expert to discuss what test anxiety is, how managing it can improve your exam scores, and specific ways to help overcome it. We’ll be asking for your input on what you’ve found makes you nervous or trips you up, and give you our tips & tricks for staying cool, calm, and collected.

After this episode, you’ll have the opportunity to read a blog post with information from our researchers, and download a variety of useful test taking strategies to help you feel comfortable and relaxed when you take the exam.”

Alyson Carr