Dr. Alyson Carr, LMHC
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Dr. Carr has dedicated her career to helping skilled and compassionate counselors achieve their goal of becoming licensed clinicians.

Prior to becoming licensed, when preparing for the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE), Dr. Carr discovered firsthand the rigorous study and strategic focus necessary to be successful at passing the NCMHCE. This experience was profoundly impactful, leading her to devote her professional life to counselor education.

Dr. Carr earned a PhD in Counselor Education with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction and a specialization in Instructional Technology from the University of South Florida. As a doctoral student, she studied the complex relationship between test anxiety and high stakes examinations. She went on to publish a qualitative study that focused specifically on test anxiety and the NCMHCE. Through her research, she discovered that counselors studying for this examination often feel so much pressure that they may experience a decrease in confidence, question their identity as counselors, or even consider a career change.

Today, in addition to Dr. Carr’s clinical work and teaching, she offers training and consultation to therapists preparing for the NCMHCE. Dr. Carr has trained thousands of counselor interns through her NCMHCE Prep Workshop and Individual NCMHCE Prep Consultation services. She applies an evidence-based instructional model that is designed to decrease test anxiety and increase scores on the NCMHCE.

Dr. Carr is a frequently invited speaker at universities and conferences and she has also been interviewed for podcasts and print. Her article, Why failing the NCMHCE felt so good was the most read article featured in Counseling Today in 2016 and continues to reach an average of 600 monthly readers. Her DSM-5™ online course, The Defining Line, is one of the most frequently recommended study tools utilized by counselors who are preparing for the NCMHCE.


“Don’t let the NCMHCE intimidate you from trying - or trying again - to achieve your dream of becoming a mental health counselor.

I work with counselors at every stage of the study process; those who are retaking the exam and those with unique challenges such as learning disorders, attention issues, processing challenges, brain injuries, those who simply didn’t learn English as a first language, or who have been out of practice for a while.

I know this test is challenging. I know, too, that you can do this. I am here to help.”

-Alyson Carr, PhD, LMHC